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What’s in a name? Naming the Farm.

If you plan on marketing your farm/ranch, choosing a name for your farm is a rather important decision and can actually play a role in your success.  For example, if you choose a name like Funky Chicken Ranch but also want to market rabbits, the name could cause confusion.  So you don’t want to limit yourself that way.

Naming your farm/ranch after your family is a viable option. However, if your last name is five syllables and sixteen letters and no one ever pronounces it correctly you may want to avoid naming your farm after yourself.

Generally, I think a farm or ranch name, if not named after the family that lives there,  should be  somewhat descriptive of that particular place.  And should possess a distinct uniqueness, as well… but not kitschy…  Say it out loud.  Is it a tongue twister or is it really long?  Would you want to say it five times fast?

You may also want to consider, what it would be abbreviated. Many times a farm’s name gets reduced to mere letters.  For instance, Big Oak Ranch…  You probably don’t want to be called the B.O. Ranch.  Or maybe you do. There is nothing wrong with a funny name, but try to do it tastefully.

How we chose Shallow Pond

I have always liked the name Rolling Rock, but if you live in the deep south you know there aren’t many rocks and they definitely aren’t rolling anywhere, so while I still like that name,  it wasn’t the right name for our place.  Growing up in southern California I was also inclined to put a little Spanish flare into the name, but the fact of the matter is I am not of Spanish origin and I live in south Mississippi, so most people would not get it if I named our farm Vista Del Sol, so I abandoned that idea as well.

I started a list of descriptive things about our property.  It went something like this: five pines, muddy water, giant puddle, old pecan trees, sloppy swamp, the mosquito sanctuary, etc.

In reality, it wasn’t quite that pessimistic but you get the idea.  We started by eliminating really bad ones first until we could agree on one that worked and sounded, well, nice.

What's in a name? Naming the Farm. | Shallow Pond Farm

There is a considerable percentage of our property that is low-lying wetlands, it is often completely submerged, but not always.  And it is only about 4 feet deep in the center.  It’s pretty, and while it isn’t really a pond, Shallow Pond sounded better that Deep Puddle. So, Shallow Pond, it was…  or is ??

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