Getting Turkey Poults to Eat

I had heard that getting your freshly hatched turkeys to eat was difficult, I had read it, I had even told other people this, however,  I hadn’t really thought that I would have a problem with it until I did.

It was ridiculous…  Seriously.  We put shiny things in the food, we dipped their beaks in the water.  My daughter and I spent hours pecking at the stupid bowl with our fingers making hen calls, to no avail.  They just looked at us with vague little expressions on their faces like we had lost our minds.  They just weren’t getting it.

They seemed interested in my wedding ring, so in a desperate moment after a whole day of not eating, I threw that in their food dish.  Instantly they lost interest.

All the sites I read said get a week old chick to teach them.  I didn’t have one and none of the local feed stores had any either, so while I am sure that works great, it wasn’t going to work for me.

I tried marbles in the water, again, the only thing they seemed interested in was my wedding ring.  So I raided Husband’s workshop and found some shiny washers and put them under the marbles.  And it worked, they were drinking water!
Getting Turkey Poults to Eat | Shallow Pond FarmI put washers in their food, they stared at me and tried to peck at my ring….  So removed the food, covered the bowl with tin foil added just enough food to barely cover the bottom and put it back in.  Getting Turkey Poults to Eat | Shallow Pond FarmThey started pecking at it, but every time they got food in their mouths they would shake their heads and fling it out. Run over and get a drink of water, like I was trying to poison them or something.

I don’t know if the turkey experts would recommend my next move but I don’t care because it worked…  I got their food wet, not sloppy wet just moist, then pecked at it with my finger a little and just like that they ate it!

IGetting Turkey Poults to Eat | Shallow Pond Farm only had to get the first little bowl wet, after that they had the hang of it and ate very vigorously. 

Getting Turkey Poults to Eat | Shallow Pond FarmProblem solved 🙂



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