Day One or Zero?

There is a very cute little chart floating around the web that is wrong.  I just happened upon it while reading on my favorite chicken forums.  It isn’t a huge deal, but it could throw you off a day, and I like being accurate.

The question was whether Day One of incubation starts the day you put the eggs in or the next day.

The answer:  The day you put the eggs in is zero.  Twenty-four hours later is Day One.

Why does this matter? Well, all the candling days, lock-down day and hatch day are based on the day of development.  The chart should look like this:

Day One or Zero? | Shallow Pond Farm
Candling Chart

So if you start your eggs on Saturday, they should hatch on a Saturday.  Of course, chicks are a bit like human babies they come when they are ready, not necessarily when the calendar says they should…

And there are a number of things that may affect hatches, primarily the average temperature, but also humidity, the age of the eggs when you put them in and probably the genes of that particular bird…  There are other things I am sure but I don’t know what they are…

You can still get a good hatch if your lock down day is off a little, but if you’re going to do it you might as well do it to the best you can.  Stuff happens, believe me when I say I understand.  Temperatures fluctuate, power outages happen,  and water dishes go dry.  Don’t stress about it, if it happens, if your days are off, you correct the problem and keep going until that hatch day. You may be surprised at how well you actually do!

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