A Clean Rabbit Hutch is Step #1 to a Healthy Bunny

A Clean Rabbit Hutch is Step #1 to a Healthy Bunny | Shallow Pond FarmA clean rabbit hutch can make the difference between a healthy bunny and an unhealthy bunny.  The importance of keeping you rabbits environment clean can not be stressed enough. With just a little cleaning, a lot of illnesses can be avoided altogether.  

Build up of urine and dropping can create a dust that can cause respiratory issues.  If a rabbit is forced to sit on waste, it will dirty their feet and tails and can become a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria.

I clean my cages every week in the spring, summer, and fall. Less in the winter due to the fact that the cages stay a bit cleaner, which is good because I do not like to be cold.

Set up for success

A Clean Rabbit Hutch is Step #1 to a Healthy Bunny | Shallow Pond FarmWire floors can are ideal for creating a healthier environment.  Dropping fall trough the wire and are collected in bins trays or trenches.  This allows you to contain waste and make removal easier.  Rabbit manure is excellent for the garden.  It will not burn plants if applied directly.  Many rabbit breeders grow worms in the bins and the worms turn the manure into valuable fertilizer to use in the garden.  I know one guy that sells his rabbit manure.

Cages should never rest on wood if you have a wooden hutch, you can use L-brackets (metal of course) to support the cage and keep it off the wood.  This will prevent droppings to collect and urine absorbing into the wood.   This will not only avoid a prime breeding ground for bacteria but will also extend the life of your wood hutch


My Rabbit Hutch Cleaning tool Kit

Note of interest:  Some recommend a blow torch for hair remove.  I have never tried this, mainly because I don’t want to smell burning hair, but it sounds like it would be efficient.

Steps for a Clean Rabbit Hutch

  1.  A Clean Rabbit Hutch is Step #1 to a Healthy Bunny | Shallow Pond FarmMove rabbit to a temporary cage during this process.  I like to put mine in a rabbit tractor in the grass while cleaning the cages so that they can get some exercise and fresh grass while I clean their home.
  2. Start by removing any debris, such as leaves. I also take out the feeder and remove the water system from the wire. I use a putty knife to scrape any rabbit pellets or build up on the cage floor.  Use a  wire brush to remove anything that has really adhered to the wire.
  3. I use a fox tail (small handled brush), to brush down all the wire to remove fur and dust that that might be on the wire.  This can cause a lot of fur and dust to become airborne, especially if your rabbit is shedding IT old coat.  If you have any lung concerns you should wear a protective mask.
  4. Once the cage is dry cleaned, I spray with a mild white vinegar and water solution and use a stiff bristle scrub brush to give the cage a good scrubbing. you may need an old toothbrush to get into small spaces like corners. Also, scrub the feeder and rinse well.
  5. Then rinse well.  When the cage is clean I let it air dry.  If you can set it in the sunlight that’s even better,  My cages are connected so I can’t do that.
  6. Once the wire is completely dry you can return the rabbit to her home.

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