Chicken Beginnings

My husband wanted to get chickens, he knew I didn’t want a farm but he can talk me into just about anything so I said if he built the coop we’d get chickens, thinking he probably wouldn’t ever have the time and he didn’t.  But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted them.  We have a large family, it takes a dozen eggs just to make us all breakfast, so it seemed practical.   So I started bugging Husband about the coop.  But building things requires resources, and we didn’t have any.  I like recycling so, I started thinking…

Chicken Beginnings | Shallow Pond Farm
Our first batch of chicks. Buff Orpingtons and Black Cooper Marans

The Plan

We had a large dog house, meant to house our bull mastiff, but she didn’t use it, so I created a rough sketch of what I wanted and handed it over to my contractor (AKA Husband, he can build just about anything).  We still had to buy wire, but the cost was drastically cut.  We raised the “coop” off the ground about two feet using 4×4 legs, added a door and cut a hole in the wall for chicken access, then built nest boxes out the  other side. Using every scrap of lumber we could salvage or find in our own yard we framed a pen covered it with chicken wire and we were ready for chickens.
Chicken Beginnings | Shallow Pond Farm
Chickens all grown up in the coop, with our second  addition of reds and rocks.

Now during the building process, I became impatient and found the chicks we wanted and brought 14 of  them home.  So the coop came just in time, their feathers had all come in and they were ready for the great outdoors.

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