Welcome to Shallow Pond Farm.  This is the story of how we got here.

When I was growing up all I wanted was to live in a city, any city…  We lived in the mountainous high desert of Southern California, It was 30 miles to the nearest grocery store and a 2-hour bus ride to school.

As an adult, after living in a suburb for seven years, I found out, as is often the case,  what I wanted didn’t really fit me.  We had a cute little house and a perfectly maintained lawn, but it just wasn’t what I thought it would be.

About Shallow Pond FarmSo we moved into a rural neighborhood, not 30 miles from the city limits but there was room to breathe.  “Farm” was NOT what I was thinking when we moved, but eventually, we got a few chickens, and I said: “That’s it, no more.”  But that wasn’t it.  We now have chickens, goats, rabbits, ducks, pigs and turkeys…  Who knows what else we will decide we need.  This is our farm, affectionally named Shallow Pond Farm (Read why here.)

So a friend whom I am always discussing various farm things with said I should start a blog.  I told him I would put it on my list…  After thinking about it for one night, I thought why not, what else do I have to do?  Ha!

Now I blog about the different things we have done here and problems we have encountered at Shallow Pond Farm.  We are not experts, we are learning as we go.  We have had many failures and struggles, it’s a learning process.  Some lessons come harder than others…  But we will share what we learn as we go, someday maybe we will be experts, but in the meantime we are enjoying the process with our four children, who are learning some valuable lessons as well, such as the rewards of hard work and the value of a life, and where food really comes from. They are experiencing first-hand the joys and the pains that come along with the responsibility we have to these animals.


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